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Posted on February 29th, 2020 
Better Health and Balance is a resource that gets you thinking about your health. What is really going on inside your body? We bring you some views that are alternative to mainstream. Alternative treatments can have better results in many instances and sadly, evidence based remedies are suppressed in many instances..... 

Water is the basis for life and for health. It can provide hydrogen when electrified called Browns Gas (HHO) that can have enormous benefits for many illnesses and particularly for the aged.
We want to hear your stories, your failures and your triumphs, together we can bring some clarity to the confusion that is out there!
Hippocrates said “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food” But herein lies a problem. We are all different and we all react differently to things we take, so what’s good for some may not be good for others. Also a problem many face particularly as we eat a western diet is "leptin resistance"

Having the right fuel, moving enough to digest, exercise enough to stay healthy, having the right mood and mindset, listening to healing frequencies are all needed in the right balance for better health.
Success stories and products that have had results may also be promoted here. Such as a new treatment for Sugar Balance which could be of special interest to those with type 2 diabetes. 
The problem many people suffer which has very significant effects on health is Shallow Sleep Sydrome or a lack of deep sleep.

After taking this quiz, many have commented on a breakthrough treatment for GERD or Acid Reflux which has given relief to their heartburn and sour taste in their mouth.

We are not giving any specific advice on health, just bringing you quality researched information. You should always consult your health care professional before taking any treatment or program. Any views expressed here are for you to explore and assess whether they are right for you in consultation with your health care provider. 

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